Time to signup for a week in Jamaica with Marcia Ball & The Jimmys, Mar 1-8! The deal includes airfare, transport to/from the Jamaican airport, and everything else at the all-inclusive resort. We'll be performing a couple times with the amazing Marcia Ball - here's her website.

Just like seeing Marcia Ball with The Jimmys at a festival, on a cruise, or at a club, we request you make this special event possible with your support - do so by joining us and making your arrangements through Middleton Travel: Click here for their brochure. Click here for the registration form. Middleton Travel will get you there from ANY  corner of the world!! Choose to travel with us from O'hare Airport in Chicago with our complete package, OR have Mary or Amy custom arrange your flights from anywhere!!!! You can also choose a "LAND ONLY"  package and arrange flights yourself!!! Either way git yer butts to Jamaica with The Jimmys and Marcia Ball!!   Thank you so much!


This trip is a perfect way to get yourself through the tail-end of winter, we'll guarantee you weather in the 80's, lots of outdoor drinking and dining, hammocks and palm trees, and simply amazing views everywhere you look.

We don't really remember much about trips we've had to Jamaica in the past other than tons of fun with family and friends, someone getting bit by a horse, someone else breaking their kneecap, someone else with some other kind of injury - odds are these someones are not, nor will be, you - so why wouldn't you join us?

Rather than freeze your butt off you can sunburn it off - people, this is a no-brainer. We can all compare tanlines, share in one of Pete's legendary "Gin Day"s, gloat on Facebook to our snowbound friends' back home, etc, etc.

For further details and to signup contact Middleton Travel - AND we'll be accompanied by Mary, an owner of Middleton Travel - she'll be available everyday to assist with any questions or issues you may have. She's AMAZING and her help has proven invaluable during past trips.

Here's a few photos from those trips past...