Meet the Jimmys Episode 5

Chris Sandoval 

Q) When did you join The Jimmys and how did it happen? 
A) I started with the Jimmys in 2012 or 2013 when he had the original horns...Sr. Brian, Chad and Pete. 

Q) What is your musical history? …

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Meet the Jimmys Episode 4

Pete Ross

Q) When did you join The Jimmys and how did that happen?  
A) It was Sept 2008. I'm a few days removed from being one of the original members. It was at the Great Taste of the Midwest…

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2022 Dominican Republic

We have just 12 spots left for the Dominican Republic trip!  Now is the time to make your reservation and be sure your passport is in order so we can all have a jammin' good time together basking in the…

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Wami Nominations


-The WAMIs - The Jimmys  are nominated for the following: 

- Band of the year 

- Horn/Big Band of the Year  

Johnny Wartenweiler - Bassist 

Pete Ross - Woodwinds 



This is a non-voting Nomination, so there isn't anywhere to put…

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2021 Madison Area Music Awards Winners!


UPDATE!!    November 7, 2021 Congratulations to the Jimmys  -

Artist of the Year Award, Chris for  drums and Jimmy for Organist!  Thank you Madision!!  


Artist of the Year



  ORGAN - Jimmy Voegeli

  DRUM KIT - Chris Sandoval





From the GOTTA HAVE IT album 

WRITE A HIT feat. Marcia Ball won the 2021 IBA  Contemporary Blues Song!  The Jimmys couldn't be more excited.  Don't forget to watch their performance schedule and consider their album GOTTA HAVE IT  which…

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Dominican Republic 2022 Scheduled!

We're going to the Dominican Republic and we're taking you with us!

Feb 26 - Mar 5, 2022. Reserve your spot now here! 

#thejimmysband #DominicanRepublic #GinDay

Meet the Jimmys Episode 3

Guitar Player, Songwriter Perry Weber


Q) When did you join The Jimmys and how did it happen? 

A) I can’t remember the year, but it was at least 8 years ago. I’ve known Westside Andy and Mel Ford for years…

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The Jimmys In Jamaica

Message from Jimmy: 

Once again, missing our "second home" Jamaica. This was one year ago with our special guest Marcia Ball just as Covid was ramping up. I miss our fans and friends especially on these trips....who has better pictures…

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