2020 MAMA Winners and More!

This weekend was very bitter/sweet for us. First the sweet! Madison has a very vibrant and talented music scene, The MAMAs (Madison Area Music Association) recognizes this in their annual awards...with this year being a virtual show.  

The Jimmys are already in the Hall of Fame for Blues Band ad Keyboardist, in addition this year we won:   

Blues Album-Gotta Have It 

Blues Song-Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet 

Unique Song-Grim Reaper  

CONGRATS to all the nominees and winners! We LOVE Madison!!!!! 

How about that! 

Now the bitter.......this weekend we had 2 fantastic shows...socially distanced of course.  The wonderful Three Lakes Center for the Arts and our "house" The best bar in the world, Tofflers! We have one more show in The Twin Cities on Oct 30 at Wilebski's, NOTHING in November.....and still hoping Florida stays healthy for a small run there in December........that's all folks........!  

Please support your favorite artists by going to their websites and buying stuff or simply donating money. We'll get through this, but don't be a dumbass, the less we do as a nation, the longer we don't have a job. WEAR a damn mask. Thank you to all for the support!!!!!     Jimmy

Post Note:  On Sunday, November 22, The Jimmys were on the red carpet!